Monday, October 19, 2009

WORDS AND DEEDS... like seeds and harvest

>~>~>A picture is worth a thousand word <~<~<

I's so cliché...

This one is special to me because when my daughter was the same age as this little guy, I took a picture of her doing the same thing... imitating Daddy. 
Until little ones start school, they're ours and they are all about us... everything goes in and takes root. By the time they enter Kindergarden either the field is covered with good seeds or it will grow after the seeds others will sow. Their minds will soak  everything up like a sponge. They will pick up mannerism and much more. 
I find myself today looking back at my mother... seeds are still sprouting... 
Nothing is more powerful than living up to our words when it comes to influence. 
Pretty speeches without actions melt away like ice cubes in the sun. 
If we make a mistake? Well there is no going back but we get up and do better. 
When we see the results later on in life, that's a sweet reward and there is no feeling like it. 
There are children who do not have good role models at home. When kids walk into our lives, love 'em up, let them know they are special, they matter, they are important.  We all have opportunities to inject some wholesome values and invest in a child. 
We never stop sowing. Sometimes I think we forget the impact of a seemingly insignificant word or deed. Everything produces... something.
The results of natural laws are inevitable, it's a matter of time. We easily acknowledge that because our eyes see it. 

The hearts and minds of those around us are subject to laws as well...


Just a thought said...

As I was reading your comments I could not help but remember the times my sons, who are grand-parents now, have reminded me of how I did things. They have done, these things, the same way and now they are watching their children do the same.
Some of these things are good! Some I really wish I could change.


Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Good morning Mervi,

I think we all wish we could change some things... Seems the further down we get on this river called life, the better we see it. But isn't it rewarding to see those "good seeds" reseeding again and again in your family? It may cost at times, in fact it does, but it's worth it!


Carol Connell said...

Hi Catherine,

Good, thoughtful post!

One thing I like about my new job is that it does give me a chance to invest in a child's life. Little words and deeds that we do and may forget about quickly can make a big difference in a child's life. I remember one young lady that came to me a few years ago and told me that she never forgot when I taught her how to pray. I said, "Really? I don't remember teaching you how to pray." She assured me that I did.

God bless you, ma soeur. :-)

Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Hi Carol,

How special that is... she remembered you teaching her how to pray. That's "earthly" reward for doing godly work :-)
Yea, you have a great job!

Dieu vous bénisse.

Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...


You left a comment on my blog and I inadvertently erased it...
Thank you for your interest. I intend on posting soon again. Hope to hear from you then.
If we allow God to speak to our innermost man, we will find answers to these questions. God bless you.

Jo said...

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Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Thank you Jo.

Karen Hopper said...

How true it is Catherine. Seeds are planted from our childhood. Lord help us to always be a role model. Blessings.