Monday, October 19, 2009

WORDS AND DEEDS... like seeds and harvest

>~>~>A picture is worth a thousand word <~<~<

I's so cliché...

This one is special to me because when my daughter was the same age as this little guy, I took a picture of her doing the same thing... imitating Daddy. 
Until little ones start school, they're ours and they are all about us... everything goes in and takes root. By the time they enter Kindergarden either the field is covered with good seeds or it will grow after the seeds others will sow. Their minds will soak  everything up like a sponge. They will pick up mannerism and much more. 
I find myself today looking back at my mother... seeds are still sprouting... 
Nothing is more powerful than living up to our words when it comes to influence. 
Pretty speeches without actions melt away like ice cubes in the sun. 
If we make a mistake? Well there is no going back but we get up and do better. 
When we see the results later on in life, that's a sweet reward and there is no feeling like it. 
There are children who do not have good role models at home. When kids walk into our lives, love 'em up, let them know they are special, they matter, they are important.  We all have opportunities to inject some wholesome values and invest in a child. 
We never stop sowing. Sometimes I think we forget the impact of a seemingly insignificant word or deed. Everything produces... something.
The results of natural laws are inevitable, it's a matter of time. We easily acknowledge that because our eyes see it. 

The hearts and minds of those around us are subject to laws as well...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CUT & PASTE / NEEDLE & THREAD - Back to basics

Several weeks ago, I picked up one of my favorite hobbies, picture books. It takes a lot of cutting, trimming and gluing, but the results are well worth it (at least according to those who looked at them). More recently I tried my hand at little girls summer skirts and dresses. That came more out of necessity, first for Naomi, then to make money. It gives me great enjoyment. In the beginning I was sewing by hand! Then I shopped and bought a Brother electronic sewing machine. Now even jeans are turning into skirts, and summer dresses are quick to make. Ha! What a blast! If I can say this and be modest, my pieces are turning quite nice. Now selling, which way will be the best for me? Not sure yet. That's another subject.

But all this  got me thinking about life today, instant this and instant that, pre-made this and pre-made that. Not only are the end results many times less than great, but this instant business in fact cheats us of the good feeling we get when something we spent time on turns out awesome. 
We need, I need to go back to basics. I'm doing it. Well maybe it is like the salmons going upstream... but the difference is that we won't die but in fact we'll live a  better, fuller life. People are hungry for it and don't even know it. Our world is so caught up in fake everything.  Open up your heart, open your door, invite someone in and share a little of your life. Be real. 
 I'm just hungry for the real deal if you please. No potato chips, I'll be hungry in no time again. 
Other words for real: genuine, bona fide, heartfelt. Nothing compares to the real thing. 
When I received the Holy Ghost, it was the real thing. I'm going back to where I first believed, to where I first met Jesus. Back to the basics.
Interesting fact:  Portuguese and Spanish origin, real literally means 'royal'(adjective used as a noun). 

Friday, April 3, 2009


We've had much sunshine already. This is Southern California after all. But rain is still needed. 
Gilles over in Canada - annonces "Spring is here". Yes... I love April showers. Take a closer look with a click, raindrops adorn this highly scented beauty.

These peaches will not suffer, it's only drops of water and the sun is already out. Welcome!!!

There is just something about wet grass... I love it. The air is fresh and clean, nature is vibrant.

I remember the story of Thumbelina... She would be right at home in these little pools...
See the tiny white blossom hiding in the beautiful green leaves? Navel oranges... this winter.

I guess after being indoors by force for what seemed ages, I'm just thrilled to get around and enjoy nature right here. So if you'll pardon me, I'll just gush a little about it! 
Sitting on the swing I soak in the tender scene of birds feeding their young ones. 
Breathe.... Mmm... the air smells of rosemary and pink jasmine.The bumble bees are here, hummingbirds dart to and fro like mini fighter jets, yellow and red  finches flock to the feeders, the doves have brought a few friends, and yes, there are butterflies! 
Our newly adopted cat - she adopted us - big with kittens, stretches out demanding petting and BunBun is munching on is favorite treat besides cilantro, geraniums, bougainvillea flowers, petunias and bowers vine. I feed it to him every day - spoiled rabbit!
Life is good, simple pleasures often bring much peace. Pierre in Montréal snapped some great shots of children taking over a merry-go-round. Simple pleasures... Like glistening rain drops in the sunshine. 
Have you stopped today to feast on the beauty our Heavenly Father surrounds us with? I did. And then I thanked Him...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

THE PROCESS - How long?

Funny thing how we can get used to something we thought we never would, knowing that it's only for a while. Until things change. These times of deep changes are always the start of something better. "Nobody likes changes but a wet baby". But even the wet baby will most likely voice a loud complaint while going thru the process. 

Process - now there is a word encompassing endless possibilities, twists and turns, surprises and unexpected sequence of events - a word full of promises, if we allow for it to finish. That is to say, if we wait.  Another difficult word...

A while ago I bought tiny clay pots with little pellets of dry soil and divers small bulbs - anemones, crocuses and hyacinths. I followed the directions on the labels, not sure how it would turn out. After all they didn't look like much all dried up... shriveled up... 
I planted a few, gave them a home on the windowsill in my dining room. Others are here at work, by the kitchen window. And guess what? The bulbs are sprouting, pushing thru the dirt!
It took a while, and I almost tossed some of them out, thinking they just might have stayed dried too long. No, it was part of the process. The process took longer than I was willing to wait. Good thing I gave it a few more days. 

Going thru the process... I don't like it. I can  do it, it will only last for a while. It's gonna be fine. The grain of wheat has to be buried and die for the stalk to emerge,  in the fullness of time...

I have a notion to dig up some science books and read again  how in nature some processes take several years. Why, we are all still a work in progress! Just look in the mirror, the mirror in your heart... 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A LIL' BIT - And a whole lot with it!

This was too cute not to tell you. Naomi, three years old, was telling us her name. "Daddy calls me Naomi O My. Mommy calls me Mimi. My Grandma calls me Eva Naomi, Tati calls me Pumpkin and Baby, Tonton and Nancy call me Mimi, and Grandmaman (that's me) calls me Naomi Lil' Bit".
Naomi Lil' Bit? "Yes, Naomi Lil' Bit".

I thought about it and couldn't figure out what she was really saying, even though the words were clear. Naomi Lil' Bit? What does it mean?

Well, it is the sweetest thing. When she gives me a hug, I always say "Hey Naomi, you lil' bitty one" - Yes! Naomi lil' bit!
Of all the things children say, this is a little bit of Heaven to me. I love it!

She will always be Naomi Lil' Bit, my precious little grand daughter.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

35 YEARS AGO... It's a boy!

Barely married a little over a year, just moved 4 days earlier, away from both family and friends and it was time for you to make your grand entrance into this world. Don-André Samuel Roseberry - 8 pounds - 20 inches.
We named you after both your grandfathers and your maternal great-grandfather, my grandpapa.
The first baby in the family (on my side) and a boy!

My Grandpapa was just besides himself when you first visited him in Switzerland. He was delighted that we gave you his name! He had a unique way of pronouncing Don André - like in Don Quixote. It always made us laugh. He gave you "horsey rides" on his knees. You were like a dazzling sunset in his last years.

I didn't know much about motherhood... your Grandmaman was a lifesaver! She adored you and baked special apple pies for you... little bitty ones. When we were on this side of the globe, she sent you "Made in Switzerland" shoes and huge Lego sets, and hand knitt sweaters.
My father, your Grandpapa, loved to take you (and your brother) to the Café and let you order your own grenadine "une rouge ou une verte?" You always choose the same kind, but it was a big moment for you every time. He taught you how to use a knife to sharpen a pencil, how to light a match... away from the body.

And you had a Tati... she was also my Tati. Not having any brothers or sisters, I shared her with you :)
Now, Tati thought you were the most beautiful baby, and later the most handsome little boy. She spoiled you with fancy clothes, fancy toys, fancy food... and a little transistor radio. During a stay at her house, every day after lunch you sat in the highchair at the table while we washed the dishes. And every day you took this little radio apart and put it back together again. No, it didn't work, but you would fit all the pieces inside to where you could place the back panel on and close it. "Remarkable" she would say.

And a remarkable little boy you were. Puzzles, books, Legos, marbles, small cast iron cars were some favorites things. Off course they were daily walks, daily time spent together over an activity or a game. And talks about nature, faraway places an people. And talks about History and family history. And book reading, just the way I was raised.
I could I forget those fun times with your bicycle? When you first learned, you didn't have it quite down how to stop... so you hollered "Attention!" and jumped off!!! Amazing you never got hurt!
Now you pull one of those contraptions with a little girl sitting inside... And your two boys ride their own bikes with Mommy.

There were difficult times in your childhood and later in your teens... But you stood strong in your morales values.

I thank my parents and my whole family for instilling in me what I tried my best to teach you.
I thank God for keeping us until by His Grace we found our way to His House and a new life began.
I thank God for your, my son - son #1.
I thank God for the day He filled you with the Holy Ghost and you took hold of the Truth.
I thank God for the desire He placed in your heart to serve Him.

35 year ago I gazed into your eyes and I was proud. Today I am proud.


With all my love,


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


"I need Pepto..."
"Ooooh, I wanna go to your house..."
"My stomach hurts..."
"Are we going to OC Fair again next time? "

Missi's words on Sunday at lunch time - for the last few weeks (name changed for privacy). Should she even know what Pepto Bismol is? Take it on a regular basis? Off course not. But she does. She is stressed out, not sick with indigestion or anything.

The family moved and she is reacting to the new environment. Their living conditions were not the best, but the new ones are worst. The parents are doing what they can - they now rent a master bedroom - versus a small cramped room in a house with one small bathroom for everyone. But the neighborhood... the pretty park at the corner is not a place for young girls, some people rent space in the living room... outside their room and bath the place is quite a shamble... too much to cope with for a sweet, neat, sharp little girl.

She loves coming to church. "I can't wait !" She just had a Birthday - 9 years old. She is "little Mama" and helps Daddy when Mommy is at work. Quite a girl. I know it's a pretty good life compare to some, but how does it stack up with "our" children? Jesus is looking down and His Hand is over her. There are many just like her. This is where the Church of the Living God steps in - with love, hugs, kisses and prayer. What an awesome privilege we have, with it is a responsibility that none of us can afford to ignore - because Jesus is looking down.

I read this on Mervi's blog this morning:

A good excuse for the heart
Is to bend down and help someone.